3.2 coolant leak problem

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3.2 coolant leak problem

Beitrag von lucamax » Montag 4. Mai 2020, 12:20

A couple of months ago I bought a 1999 3.2 Frontera and drive it home by 1000 km ,
The previous owner warn me that there was a leak from the thermostat.
During the 1000 km travel I did notice any coolant leak.

I spent some weeks getting the back of the car from rust and making new brake lines.
I notice that the coolant level was going down and all the under of the motor had coolant drops.

Yesterday I decide to change the thermostat and this is what I found...

The thermostat had a generous layer of motor paste evidently to try to stop the leak.
Since there was not an increase of leak during drive when the pressure of the cooling circuit increase I think it is not the thermostat gasket .
The leak happens little by little when the car is still.
The reason is because when the car drives the raise of temperature tends to make evaporate the coolant in the sort of pool at the motor base, when it stops it continues to leak until it reach enough level to overflow.

I plan to replace in any case the thermostat and his gasket but I think that the problem could be the heat pipe seals.
Unfortunately these seals are really hard to find.

What are your suggestions ?