Some user of old monterey

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Some user of old monterey

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i had some problem with registration on this site in your language but i've already finishid it succesfully. i'm sad that i can't understand a lot of information which this forum included in. (i spek english(weakly) and french(weakly too) :) :lol:

A few word about me.

My name is MArtin, i live in Poland in upper silesia , in katowice exacly.

i'm a "proud" owner of MOnterey LTD A 3.2v6 with man. gearbox but that car is "little" old and i'm searching his next brother ;)

i hope so, there are some owners of Monterey B RS 3.0dti or 3.5v6(i think about LPG-i want mount it) with automatic gearbox.
i've heard that are some problems with .3.0dti engines cause of valid oil injection system... and this is why i'm affraid of that engine, if that problem doesn't exist i don't want think about petrol engine. I hope that You give me some advice, and help, which engine i can choose, and which one is better...and which is more economy in exploatation...
diesel is expensiv because we must pay attention to turbo, injectors and pump and many others, but petrol egine will cosume about 20l/100km it is true?

i have searched www/ and, it's good to search a car?
maybe You have better places to find good monterey?

Best regerdes

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AW: Some user of old monterey

Beitrag von gipsy » Montag 5. Februar 2007, 16:55

the consume obout 20 L in not true. reality results are between 14 and 16 L
The Monterey 3.0 DTI has some problems wtih the injektion. This was you hear about that ist true, so i would take the variante 3,5 L . Her is the greatest problem the consume of petrol.

The motor self isn`t the problem so that you would be more joyfully with the 3.5 L maschine

so long gipsy